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Camila Betterelli: The origins of life meet microfluidics

During the lockdown period, ProtoMet’s member Elvesys has done a series of seminars informing the public about the research done at the company. Camila Betterelli, Elevesy’s ESR, has just released a seminar in which she talks about her research on the origins of life and microfluidics. Take a look at Camila’s seminar here:

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  1. Tamiflu

    Understanding how prebiotic chemistry gave rise to life as we know it represents one of the greatest enduring mysteries. The complete absence of a historical record requires the collaboration of scientists from different disciplines (biochemistry, microfluidics , biology, biophysics, among others) with access to advanced tools in order to make any meaningful progress. In this light, the Protomet project aims to train 8 young researchers in a collaborative consortium to tackle this problem. Together, they will develop a reconstituted protometabolism within compartments consisting of droplets, coacervates, vesicles, coacervate containing vesicles, and compartments implemented into microfluidic devices.

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