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WP6 Coordination, Management and IPR

Work Package Info

Work package number: WP6
Lead beneficiary: UNITN
Work package title: Dissemination, Communication and Outreach
Start month: 1
End month: 48


  • Task 6.1 (UNITN)- To coordinate and manage project’s activities and liaison with partners and relevant EC project officers.
  • Task 6.2 (UNITN)- To monitor projects activities, progresses, reporting and deadlines, to coordinate the work of the ESRs and governing bodies adopting the measures needed for efficient internal communication, and to ensure that all measures for project quality will be adopted.
  • Task 6.3 (UNITN) – Financial management of the project.
  • Task 6.4 (UNITN, co-lead CHB) – To monitor and ensure that all measures for IP management and valorization will be adopted and implemented through project exploitation plan and Exploitation Board.
  • Task 6.5 (UNITN) – To implement conflict resolution through SB where applicable.