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ProtoMet Symposium UPV

The ‘Origins of Life Donostia Meeting 2023’ (OLDM’2023), final event of ProtoMet, was held in Palacio Miramar, a fantastic venue facing the bay of San Sebastian-Donostia, on the 2nd-4th of October 2023, in an in-person format. The motivation for organising this event was not only to give a perfect closure to the project and present all our results to the origins-of-life community, but to provide an opportunity for all researchers interested in the problem to get together in a friendly environment where they can share and discuss recent ideas/results on this fascinating topic.

The programme not only covered a significant number of contributions related to the physical and chemical roots of metabolism (i.e., ‘proto-metabolic systems’) but also a wider range of subjects within the field. This included scientific inputs, of course, both experimental and theoretical, but also more conceptual/philosophical reflections on open questions that remain a challenge of more general concern for the community.

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