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Camilla Betterelli’s secondment at ETH Zurich

Camilla visited Prof. Walde’s laboratory at ETH for their collaboration on lipid vesicles. Due to the Covid-19 outbreak Camilla’s first visit at March was interrupted. She joined back the lab at September 2020.

Camilla Betterelli and Nemanja Cvjetan at ETH Zurich

Nino Lauber’s secondment at MPI-CBG Dresden

From mid-July until mid-August 2020 Nino visited Prof. Tang’s laboratory at MPI-CBG to investigate how compartments can influence the dynamics of chemical reaction networks.

Nino Lauber at MPI-CBG Dresden

Rudrarup Bose’s secondment at UNITN

From November 2020 until mid-January 2021 Rudrarup visited Prof. Mansy’s laboratory at UNITN to work on the potential of complex coacervation in non-enzymatic prebiotically relevant redox reactions.

Rudrarup Bose at UNITN

Rudrarup Bose’s secondment at Elvesys

From mid-January until the end of February 2021 Rudrarup visited Elvesys and worked on an application note on 3D cell culture under perfusion using Elveflow microfluidic system.

Rudrarup Bose at UNITN

Nemanja Cvjetan’s secondment at Microfluidics Innovation Center- Elvesys

During the course of two weeks, Nemanja got hands-on experience related to the optimization of the procedure used for the preparation of multicompartment systems by microfluidics.

Nemanja Cvjetan and Camilla Betterelli at Elvesys