Work Package Info

Work package number: WP3
Lead beneficiary: UPV/EHU
Work package title: Understanding and Exploiting the Origin of Life
Start month: 6
End month : 41


  • Task 3.1 (ESR6): A microfluidic platform for protometabolism (Lead: CHB), Secondments: UNISTRA, UCL, UPV; Contributors: ELV.
  • Task 3.2 (ESR7): Precise control of pH and droplet size and composition within microfluidic devices (Lead: ELV. Secondments: MPI-CBG, ETH, UPV; Contributors: CHB.
  • Task 3.3 (ESR8): Exploring ‘minimal metabolism’ as a central concept for understanding origins of life and developing systems biology (Lead: Ruiz-Mirazo, UPV), Secondments to every participating laboratory.