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WP1 Prebiotic Pathways

Work Package Info

Work package number: WP1
Lead beneficiary: UCL
Work package title: Prebiotic pathways
Start month: 6
End month : 41


  • Task 1.1 (ESR1): Peptide Catalysed Triose Glycolysis (Lead: UCL); Secondments: UNITN, ETH, CHB; Additional Contributors: UNITN, UPV.
  • Task 1.2 (ESR2): Towards homochirality through the reductive amination of ketoacids with transition metal peptide complexes (Lead: UNISTRA); Secondments: UNITN, CHB, METAL.
  • Task 1.3 (ESR3): Developing a primordial aconitase (Lead: UNITN); Secondments: UCL, UNISTRA, METAL