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PROTOMET Training week Elvesys

The Protomet Innovation Training week took place at Elevsys premises during the days 26-29 September 2022.

To increase the awareness of ProtoMet’s ESRs on the SME/start-up research activity point of view and about the challenges and opportunities of entrepreneurship, an ESR Innovation Training workshop (from bench to marketplace, 4 days) was carried out at Elvesys’ facilities. ESRs received training in the importance of all aspects of valorisation (IP, industrialization, competitive advantage regarding competing technologies) when dealing with research oriented towards the market (market-driven research importance, terms and strategies). Realistic, practical considerations were introduced regarding making a start-up (e.g. How to conduct R&D in order to create a product, valorization, create a business canvas plan, human resources and how to build an efficient team)

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